2 Trusted Free Bitcoin Producing Websites in 2020

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Hello bro, this time I will share information about free Bitcoin-producing websites that are proven to be paying.

The first Bitcoin mining website is Hasrapid.

1. Hasrapid

Let's just go to the website, please register here https://hashrapid.io/1380345 then you will be directed to a page like the screenshot below.

Please fill in the registration form, you must fill in the Bitcoin Address with the Wallet address. And don't forget to make Pin 6 numbers. Then you will immediately be directed to a page like the image below.

Please fill in the E-mail, while to start Mining Bitcoin, please click on the menu icon on the right side. There are some interesting features such as Withdraw method, Additional Bonuses, Deposits and others. So, for maximum Mining speed, you can try to deposit on this website. Do not hesitate because it is proven to pay.

2. CryptoPlace

Second is CryptoPlace bro. Ok, go straight to the registration process, please register here. https://cryptoplace.cloud/?ref=startusaha You will automatically be directed to a page like the following picture.

The registration is a little different from Hasrapid, here you only need active e-mail. Please directly click Register and follow the guidelines on the website.

After the registration process is complete, then you will be directed to a page like the screenshot below and you can immediately get free Bitcoin.